• Room 205 Expectations

    1. I will respect myself.

    2. I will respect others.

    3. I will respect all property.

    Students who are meeting these expectations will earn Eagle tickets for making good choices.

    I also have a ticket system that is as follows:

    Orange- Talking

    Blue- Not following directions

    Red- Being Disrespectful

    Yellow- Not keeping hands and feet to self

    Green- Not completing assigned work

    If a student earns a ticket for making a poor choice, these are the consequences.

    1 ticket- A warning

    2 tickets-A loss of a classroom privilege

    3 tickets-A phone call to parents

    4 tickets-A time out outside our classroom/Loss of a classroom privilege

    5 tickets-A referral (minor of major depending on the situation)

    Minors are taken care of by the classroom teacher. Majors are handled at the office level.

    Severe- Any severe behavior will be a major office referral.