• 2014-2015 School Year
    In Friday folders, there is a spelling list and the vocabulary words that will be used during the following week. Students should study these spelling words and be able to define the vocabulary words and use them accurately in sentences.
    Students should also be READING every night. Your child should be bringing home their "Reading is Delicious" folder every night and logging the book(s) or chapter(s) that he/she reads each night.
    If there is any extra homework assignment, it will be labeled HW at the top. These assignments should be completed and returned to school on the following day.
    THANK YOU for helping your child with homework. This helps him/her
    be more successful in the classroom.
    Ways to Raise a Lifelong Reader --

    1. Read to or with your child everyday, for at least 20 minutes, even when your child is old enough to read independently.

    2. Have a conversation about the book that you and your child are reading
    Ask your child questions about the setting, plot and characters.
    3. Show your child that you’re a reader. Kids are more likely to grow
    up loving to read if they see that you enjoy it, too!
    4. Get your child a library card and make a regular date for visits to the library. Help your child find books, magazines, and other written materials that relate to a special interest or hobby.

    5. Make books available in every room of your home- as well as your car- so that reading can happen spontaneously.

    6. Limit “screen time” (TV, video games, and computer games) so that it does not cut into reading time.

    7. Writing supports reading. Provide crayons, pens, pencils and paper and encourage your child to write. Let them write letters, shopping lists, journal entries, original stories, etc.