• I hope we are able to get back to a normal routine soon.  I miss seeing you and look forward to us reuniting at the "Hill"!

    Lesson Plans for the next two weeks:

    (If the mandated school closure is extended, please continue to do the Activity and Food Logs Monday-Friday until we are able to reassemble.)

    PE classes: 

    1.  Keep a daily log that tracks the number of minutes of physical activity. 

    2. Keep a daily food log that includes all food and beverages that you consume in a day. 


    HEALTH class:

    1. You will be asked to keep a daily written journal for each day taht we are not in attendance.  I have listed some ideas that you can write about for the next ten days.  

    2. If this closure continues, just keep a daily log of how you are feeling and thinking.  I know that these are some scry times for all of us, adults included.  Being able to write about what you are feeling may help! 


    • Why was the decision made to cancel all schools in Illinois?
    • Define Pandemic and explain how this has affected your family.
    • How has COVID-19 made you feel emotionally?
    • What are the differences between the Common Cold, Flu and COVID-19?
    • What are your thoughts on Community Health and the need for a Public Health Department?
    • Explain in detail the quesiton that we have discussed in class that asks, "How does every decision I make affect my overall health and wellness?" 
    • How will this experience of dealing with the threat of illness impact your future health and wellness?
    • What are specific steps we need to take when washing hands. I can think of at least 7 steps!!
    • What did your Wellness Wheel look like before this outbreak and waht does it look like now?  What changs have taken place with your Mental/Emotional, Social, and Physcial well-being? 
    • What are some health changes that you and your family have made since the outbreak?
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  • 1st Hour: (8:25-9:07) PE 8
    2nd Hour: (9:10-9:52)  Health 
    3rd Hour: (9:55:10:37) PE 8
    4th Hour:  Plan
    Lunch (11:25-11:55) 
    Middle School Lunch - (11:55-12:25) Working Lunch 
    6th Hour:  (12:33-1:15) Study Skills
    7th Hour: (1:18-2:00) PE 7
    8th Hour: (2:03-2:45) PE 7