• Physical Education -
     Classroom expectations of the student revolves around these basic priniples:  Be here, dress for class, participate in daily activites, and treat others with respect!  Students have an opportunity to earn 5 points a day by carrying out these expectations.  Points are accumulated throughout the quarter and their grade is assigned by dividing the points they earned by the total points possible for each quarter.  We typically have four days of acitivity and one run day each week. 
    Health Class-
      The students have two basic expectations to follow:  Be Respectful and Be Responsible.  Each student is asked to write a paragraph on each expectation explaining what it means to them. These expectations along with each student's interpretation of Respect / Responsibility help us write our Class Mission Statement.  Our Class Mission Statement sets the tone for the entire semester, which gives the student a very clear understanding of how the class will operate!