• 3 Core Rules

    All of my classes are made aware of three core rules that serve as a foundation for all other rules. as a class, If they show that they can abide by these three rules, then I will incorporate occasional movies and games into the standardized lessons. Classes that choose to not follow these three rules on a consistent basis will not have these entertaining elements incorporated into their lessons.


    1. Students are to be prepared and in their seats when the bell rings. They have all been given assigned seats. These seats are subject to change at midterm, and sooner for students whose actions warrant seat reassignment.


    1. Once in their seats, students are to stay seated and quiet throughout the lesson.


    Stay in your seat

    Don’t get out of your seat over and over again. If you have a cold, have the brains to have tissue in your pocket. If you need to get up and get more tissue, get enough to last you all hour. Don’t look foolish getting up again and again and again.


    If you want to talk about what we are learning about that’s fine. I really don’t care if you raise your hand or not, but make sure the topic that you are going to ask me about or talk to me about relates to the lesson. Don’t interrupt class to ask me about the Bears game or last night’s episode of family guy. If you want to talk sports, tv, or whatever; then get to class before the bell rings and we’ll talk.


    1. Students are to be respectful to others. This includes being respectful to fellow students and teachers. Showing disrespectful behavior to a teacher or to a fellow student is one of the quickest routes to the dean’s office. Don’t bad mouth other people. Don’t cuss at all. Don’t tease other people. These are a few examples that I felt were important enough to list.