• MacArthur High School Physical Education Responsibilities
    Objective:  to develop students mental, emotional, physical and social skills, promoting lifelong learning in both the cognitive and physical domains.
    1.  Acquire movement skills and understand concepts needed to engage in health-enhancing physical activity.
    2.  Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness based upon continual self-assessment.
    3.  Develop team-building skills by working with others through physical activity.
    Classroom Expectations:
    1.  Follow all school rules.
    2.  Follow instructions; the first time they are given.
    3.  Active participation during class is essential and expected from each student.
    4.  Students must be in the gym before the tardy bell rings and to the locker room in a reasonable amount of time.
    5.  Restrooms should be used while dressing.
    6.  No food, candy, gum or drinks will be allowed in the locker rooms, or activity area or on off campus bus rides.
    7.  No profanity or obscene gestures will be tolerated towards other students or PE Staff, and no student will be allowed to interfere with another students right to learn or the PE Staff's right to effectively teach.
    Dress Code:
    Students will be required to dress appropriate and daily for P.E.  Appropriate shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes will be required.  Students will not be allowed to wear the same clothes in PE that he/she wore to school and each student must change after PE class.  Students are responsible to launder their own clothes on a weekly basis and are responsible to understand the importance of personal hygeine.  Shirts must be worn at all times, you cannot take them off and wear an undershirt.
    Shirts:  gray t-shirt with short or long sleeves or cut off sleeves that are sewn.
    Shorts:  blue or black with at least a 5" inseam. (waist band must be worn above the waist line).
    Socks/Shoes:  socks and tennis shoes of any color. (no hiking boots, sandals etc., regular tennis shoes only).
    Sweat Pants/Sweat Shirts:  blue or black pants (not required) and preferably gray sweat shirt (not required).