• My Classroom Expectations


    Student Expectations



    • Keep Hands And Feet and Other Objects To Yourself.
    • Appropriate attention in class.
    • Show 100% effort.
    • Keep negative thoughts to yourself.


    • Support your peers.
    • Do your own work.
    • Turn in work on time
    • Be honest, be reliable, be credible.

    Always Ready to Learn

    • Be on time.*
    • Students are to be in their assigned seat, ready to learn when the bell rings
    • Bring iPad, paper, pens or pencils, and COMPLETED assignments.
    • Stay actively engaged.
    • Students are expected to maintain the rules of the dress code as defined by the school. 


    • Follow all directions the first time they are given.
    • Remain in assigned seats unless otherwise instructed
    • Raise hands to speak and wait to be called upon
    • Maintain class appropriate volume, tone and language.
    • Talk respectfully to teachers, peers, and substitutes.
    • Put things where they belong.


    • Keep Hands And Feet and Other Objects To Yourself.
    • Do not touch equipment in the room unless you are told to do so
    • Use furniture correctly.
    • Maintain class appropriate volume, tone and language.
    • No eating/drinking in class unless it is a class activity. (Sanitation & Pest Control)


    Rewards for Positive Behavior                                       Consequences for Negative Behavior

    • Praise                                                                              1st Offense - Verbal Warning
    • Good Grades                                                             2nd Offense - Time Out and/or Detention
    • Extra Credit                                                                 3rd Offense - Detention and Parent
    • Trust                                                                                              Contact
    • Skills for Life                                                                4th Offense - Referral to the Dean**


    Tardy Policy: A Student is tardy if they are not in the room when the bell STARTS to ring. Tardy consequences are issued according to the school’s tardy policy.


    ** Severe Clause: In case of severe or continued infractions of the rules during one class period, immediate action will be taken and a student will go directly to the dean before time allows for steps #2 and #3.



    As instructed by the office, passes will only be given in emergency situations. Students should make sure they bring all material to class and should use the restroom on their lunch hour or during passing period. 



    Grades will be given using a point system. Student participation in the classroom will be part of the daily grade.


    Grades are computerized and Skyward can be used to access them. Students are responsible for checking for accuracy.


    Assignments are to be individual work unless a part of a cooperative assignment in class. All papers, which indicate students have copied, will receive a zero for a grade and will have an alternative assignment to complete.



    Daily work must be turned in on the due date to receive full credit. Late work will only be accepted according to the school’s grading policy. 


    Makeup Policy

    It is the STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY to request and get homework when absent.


    All tests missed must be made up within two weeks of absence. Students need to schedule makeup tests before or after school. Failure to meet this deadline means the student forfeits the right to take the test.


    Electronics Policy

    Cell phones are only permitted in the classroom when part of the lesson.


    iPads are to be put away unless being used for instructional purposes. 

    Students are NOT to be on social media sites on ANY device during class time.

    Headphones: once a student enters the room, headphones are to be put away.


    Failure to comply with this policy will result in a referral. Any arguing over policy will result in a defiance referral.


    Cleaning Policy

    Each student is expected to clean up after himself/herself. Any student who fails to follow this policy will lose the ability to participate in labs. Individual students or groups may be asked to clean at any time for the common good of the room.


    Foods Lab Participation Policy

    Students must maintain a grade of 60% or above to participate in foods labs. They must not be tardy (excused or unexcused) on lab days and must pass the sanitation test. Alternative writing assignments will be given for students who fail to achieve the prerequisites, NO EXCEPTIONS.