nest on light
    Picture taken 4/17/09
    A nest on a porch light     (Shawn)            
    empty nest
    Picture taken 4/22/09
    There is nothing in the nest yet.
    eggs 1
    Picture taken 4/27/09
    There are 3 blue eggs in the nest.
                                                                                           (Brock, Kloee, Nathaniel)
    The mommy bird put the eggs
    in the nest.       (Kloee)
     eggs 2
    Picture taken 4/29/09
    The eggs still didn't hatch and
    they did not crack.   (Nathaniel and Brock)
    robin in tree
    Picture taken 4/30/09
    There is a mommy robin in my
    tree.                                                                                 (Sarah, Karl, Kaleb)
    bird on nest
    Picture taken 5/1/09
    The mommy robin is keeping
    her eggs warm.       (Sammy)
    eggs still in nest
    Picture taken 5/8/09
    The eggs have not hatched yet.
    Picture taken 5/11/09
    Today the eggs hatched. (Shawn)
    Look closer to see the babies.  (Grace)
    They are pink.  (Kendel)
    They don't have their wings yet.                      (Ja'Kaylah)
    They don't have their feathers yet.  (Mason)
    They are asleep.  (Malachi)
    They're sleeping in the nest.  (Tyler)
    They can't fly yet.  (Billy)
    The momma bird keeps the babies warm.  (Nathaniel)
    The momma's going to sit on them.  (Jariyah)
    I love the birds.  (Karl)
    birds in nest 5-17
    Picture taken 5/17/09
    There are birds in the nest.  (Kendel)
    The baby robins are sleeping.  (Kaleb)
    The mommy bird went to find worms for the babies.  (Nicco)
    babies 5-18
    Picture taken 5/17/09
    Today the birds have feathers (Shawn)
    The feathers are on the bird. (Mason)
    They have very colorful feathers.
    The birds can not fly yet. (Ja'Kaylah)
    They have ears and eyes. (Christopher)
    Their beak is pink.  (Jazmine)
    Story to be continued......