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    Activities for Home
    All of the activities listed below promote using two hands together, pincer grasp, hand strength, body tone, and general fine motor skill.
    1. Making bead, noodle, or popcorn necklaces.
    2. Kneading different colors of playdoh together.
    3. Punch holes with a hole punch
    4. Use tweezer or chop sticks to pick up small objects.
    5. Drawing a picture on a piece of large paper taped to the wall.
    6. Wheel barrel walks, crab walks, and other animal walks.
    7. Try small pencils or pieces of crayon to prompt a correct pencil grip.
    8. Draw pictures with chalk and spary of with water in a spray bottle.
    9. Cut wrapping paper to wrap a present.
    10. Use scissors to cut pieces of playdoh.
    **Check back every month for new activities**