MONTH:               April


    TOPICS:               Community Workers


                                    Nursery Rhymes:   “Rub-A-Dub Dub” & “Baa, Baa Black Sheep”

                                    Language Concepts:  Short/Long & First/Last

    STORIES:            Listen to the Rain                                What I Do?

                                    The Rainy Day                                    Going To The Doctor/Dentist

                                    Big Sarah & Her Little Boots            Mommies/Daddies at Work

                                    The Very Quiet Cricket                      Whose Hat?                               
                                    Fire Fighters                                         I Went Walking Who Did I See?                                                                                       The Wind Blew                                   Community Worker Book Series                                                    


                                    Special Helpers                                    Ten Brave Fireman

                                    Brush Your Teeth                                I Went to the Doctor

                                    Delivering the Mail                              I’m a Police Officer

                                    Leaky Umbrella                                    I’m A Little Raindrop

                                    Itsy Bitsy Seed                                    We’re Going On A Bug Hunt


                                    Egg Painting                                         Butterfly

                                    Police Officer Puppet                          Planting seeds

                                    Dye Easter eggs


                                    It’s Check-Up Time!                           Community Helpers Lotto

                                    Workers & Tools Game                      Community Workers Puppets

                                    Where Do I Work?                              Who Says ...?

                                    I Went Walking Lang. Story              Yes/No and Wh- Questions

                                    Preposition Games                              Sequencing a Story


                                    Colors:   Purple, Pink, Yellow

                                    Shapes:  Oval

    THANK YOU TO:  Jamian, Jamie, Kile, Kennedy, Christian and Nathan for selling candy for the Fundraiser.  The school sold over $16,000.  We get 50% of the profit!  We all really appreciate your help.  Christian and Kennedy ordered books from the Firefly Book Club in March!  Jamie, Nathan, Jamir, Kennedy, Shakira, LeShean and Christian sent in titles of the books they read for the “Book It Program” in March.  They each received a free Pizza Hut coupon for a personal pan pizza!  Keep reading! I hope to see more families sending in the book titles in April!   Joseph & Jamir attended the “Readers as Leaders” workshop in March.   

    We do not have school the following days in April: 


    April 9, 10, 13, 14 =  Spring Break