• Mr. Jones’ Classroom Expectations and Policies


                Welcome to art with Mr. Jones.  Over the course of this semester we will be producing original works of art based around the elements and principles of art. We will also be looking at several periods and styles from the history of art. 

                Aside from adhering to ALL rules and regulations in the Student Handbook, I have a few select expectations that I would like to highlight that either reiterate or add to the rules in the Student Handbook.





    -Respect your teacher

    -Respect your classmates

    -Respect your tools and materials, these are a privilege and can be taken away. Destruction of tools may result in the student replacing the object. 

    -Respect the work of others, tampering with the work of others may result in a failing grade for the assignment of the offender



    -Eating/drinking is not permitted for safety concerns. Offenders WILL dispose of the food and may be given a referral depending on the circumstances.



    -Avoid running to ensure the safety of yourself, others, and their work


    Turn in Your Work

    - Students are expected to turn in their work on time, with their NAME LEGIBLY on the work. All work is expected to be turned into the RED bin on my desk unless otherwise instructed.  
    Raise Your Hand

    -If you have a question, raise your hand

    -Please do not interrupt me as I will not interrupt you out of respect


    Original and Acceptable Work:
    -All work should be made by YOU

    -All work should be creative

    -All work should be new

    -Any student copying*, stealing**, or reusing work may face a failing grade or a referral

    *Copying from the internet is plagiarism and will result in a 0 for the assignment with no make up. When in doubt, ask me or CITE YOUR WORK.
    ** Stealing another student's work will result in a 0 for the assignment and a Theft referral. 




    Each time a student is late it will be recorded in the grade book. Students will face increasing penalties for each tardy earned following the school’s tardy policy. Unexcused passes will count as tardies.




    Devices are not permitted during instruction unless otherwise directed.

    1st Offense – Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense – Detention

    -Cell Phones are NOT permitted to be out unless being used as part of the lesson 

    - Students are NOT to be on social media sites on ANY device during class time.
    - Laptops are expected to be put away unless being used for instructional purposes. 


    Students are expected to maintain the rules of the dress code as defined by the school. Purses are to be put away and not a distraction in class. A student in violation of the dress code will be given 1 warning. A second offense will be a detention. The third offense is a gross defiance referral. (This means hoodies, hats, backpacks, etc.)
    *Please note that this is an ART class where we will use paint, ink, etc. that may stain clothing. I do not assume liability for clothing stained in the classroom as I will provide aprons and materials to protect clothing.  



    I am willing to be flexible, but you must make arrangements with me. And have the work turned in within a reasonable timeframe (1 week past the end of each UNIT).  For the semester, all late and make up work must be turned in by 3pm on the Friday two weeks before the end of the semester.  No late work will be accepted after that deadline. Assignments can also be made up after school with Mr. Wilen, but prior arrangements MUST be made.  








    Each student is expected to clean up after himself/herself. Any student who fails to follow this policy will lose the ability to use certain tools/materials. Detentions will be written for repeat offenders who fail to clean up after themselves. Individual students or groups may be asked to clean at any time for the common good of the room.  




    Students are not allowed:

    -Behind my desk

    -In my storage closet and kiln room (except Ceramics students)

    -In student cabinets that are not assigned to them

    -Any other areas I may outline