After the 2012-2013 academic year, current Principal, Dr. Amy Zahm and former Assistant Principal, Laura Anderson reviewed semester grades, as well as PSAE scores and noticed a very low percentage of African-American students meeting the satisfactory margin for standardized tests.  In addition, there was an unusually high unsuccessful completion rate and low retention rate for African-American students in honors math courses.  After surveying the student body, the conclusion was made that additional instruction and support outside the classroom would be beneficial in ensuring a better success rate in honors math courses.  During the summer of 2013, “Operation Calculus” became the answer to help raise academic performance.

    “Operation Calculus” is a summer bridge program designed to provide math enrichment for African-American students at Eisenhower High School.  During this program, students enrolled in Honors Algebra II and Honors Pre-Calculus, are pre-taught the subject matter so they will have a baseline knowledge of the material before entering the new academic year.  The program is strictly voluntary where students commit time and energy without receiving academic credit.  Values such as initiative and responsibility are emphasized which allow students to take control of their academic progress.  The goal of Operation Calculus is to provide instruction, support, and motivation to each student to ensure success in their honors math course.