• Honors Chemistry 1

     This course is for students to learn about Lab Safety, performing labs and about mixtures, compounds, elements and chemicals. 
    The first thing a student and parent/guardian should do is to look at the syllabus.  It is on your students' Google Classroom for this class.  At the beginning of the year,  we will work on Lab Safety, Scientific Method and Lab equipment for the course.  We are using a new book with 2 Volumes for Honors Chemistry: Experience Chemistry.  First semester, we will work on Volume 1 topics: Introduction to chemistry, elements and symbols, Physical and Chemical properties, Atomic Structure, Periodic Table trends, Ionic and Covalent bonding and Nomenclature.   Second semester, we will finish Volume 1 and start Volume 2.  Topics include:  The mole, Chemical reactions, Stoichiometry and unit conversions, Gas Laws and a unit on solutions, molarity and pH.
    The rest of Volume 2 topics will be looked at in Honors Chemistry 2 course.