• Mrs. Keizer’s Philosophy On Word Work/Spelling 

    I do not believe in memorizing a list of words to be tested on Fridays.  Most students tend to forget the words memorized and do not use them in their writing.

    Based on a word inventory test that will be/was given during the first few days of school, I have grouped students based on the students’ need.  Each student will have a different word list each week.  The students will choose 10 words from a specific list.  The lists are generated based on a spelling skill.  This list should be written in the planner every week.  Students will choose 10 new words each week to practice throughout the week.  At the end of each month, the students will take a test based on the skill that has been practiced all month.   Some students may move on to the next skill while others will remain on the skill just tested for a little while longer.

    Students will meet with me each Monday to review and practice the spelling skill.  The students will practice various tasks each week with these words.  The students will have a choice board to choose the tasks.  There will always be 2 required tasks each week.  Those are completing a worksheet using the skill and writing 10 sentences with all the words spelled correctly.  The students will also assess their own work and effort with a simple rubric.  I will collect this packet of work every Monday and use a similar rubric to assess the students’ work and effort.

    It is my intention that the students will learn the skill.  In doing so, the students will become better spellers.