• BOLD Plan Financial Impact

    BOLD Transitions

    Building Better Opportunities for Learning in Decatur

    We're making BOLD changes in Decatur Public Schools' facilities, changes designed to address building utilization, magnet school wait lists, and other capacity issues. BOLD will allow us to provide all students with an equitable learning experience no matter where they live and create a more sustainable future for District #61.

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  • The BOLD facility plan is designed to:

      • Improve the middle school experience
      • Provide better access to support services for students
      • Obtain more equitable learning experiences
      • Revamped Alternative Education Program
      • Long-term stability for staffing, operations, and LEARNING
    Watch this site for more details on all that is being planned for the next four years where we plan to:
      • Add air conditioning at ALL buildings with students
      • Take Johns Hill and Durfee offline
      • Build a new Johns Hill school near the current location
      • Combine SDMS & TJMS at SDMS campus
      • Construction at TJMS to serve as our Montessori campus
      • Harris Elementary to become Alternative Education site, students to Hope and other locations
      • Dennis Lab School expansion to two campuses (French & Dennis)
      • French STEM Academy moves to Enterprise campus
      • Additions to South Shores, Muffley, Franklin, Parsons Schools
      • Construction of expansion at Dennis Lab School
      • Create dual-campus with Muffley and Baum Elementary
      • Combine Franklin and Oak Grove Elementary at Franklin campus
      • Combine Parsons and Stevenson Elementary at Parsons campus
      • Reconfigure attendance boundaries
      • Install safety upgrades in buildings


    Future Facility Considerations: 

      • Transition to one high school (using two current buildings)
      • New playgrounds at elementary buildings
      • Upgrade of outdoor athletic facilities
      • Innovation Center
      • Keil Building Consolidation (Central Offices: District Administration, Buildings & Grounds, PDI, and Student Services)