• Alternative Options
    Decatur School District has a variety of alternative options available for students who are not succeeding in the traditional school setting. Student support and interventions are necessary before being transferred to any alternative setting. Administrators and counselors can provide additional information on the options available and make recommendations regarding specific students. It will be the final decision of Student Services on student placement.
    Harris Learning Center
    Harris Learning Center is for students who are struggling in the traditional setting of grades K-12. The high school program will utilize online curriculum along with teachers facilitating learning.



    All students must be referred to Harris Learning Center by their home school. The home school will provide a copy of the school transcript and letter of referral.

    Each student will attend an orientation with their parent/guardian before entry.

    Futures is for students who are academically behind with truancy issues. The program allows students to earn accelerated credits towards graduation. 



    Admission is open to any student in high school who meets the minimum age requirement of sixteen. All students must be referred to Futures Unlimited by their home school district. The home district will provide a copy of the school transcript and letter of referral.

    Each student being considered for enrollment at Futures Unlimited must undergo an assessment. The purpose is to determine a student's goals, abilities and vocational interests. During this assessment, background information is gathered and reading and math abilities are determined. With the results of these assessments, an appropriate individual program is planned.

    Monday - Friday 8:05 am - 1:45 pm
    Milligan Academy
    Milligan is for students who need an alternative setting to be successful.



    Students with numerous suspensions, which have resulted in academic concerns for the student. Students eligible for expulsion through violating school district policy.

    Students expelled whose home district has placed the expulsion in abeyance.
    Students ordered for referral by the court.



    The student’s home school completes a referral.

    The student and his parent/s attend an orientation session.
    Milligan Academy staff interview both the student and parent/s.
    Milligan Academy staff makes a determination as to the staff’s ability to meet the needs of the students.