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    Name: Christina (Chris) Lipe
    Email Address: clipe@dps61.org
    Phone number: 424-3193

    Welcome to the Life Skills Program here at
    Mac Arthur High school!
    Program Overview:
    Here in the Life Skills Program, Our goal is to prepare our students for the "real world". We work on skills in the core areas: reading, language, science, health, geography, civil law, math, and Adaptive P.E.  We also cover skills in the four domains of life: leisure, community, domestic, and vocational. As a result, we also offer courses in recreation and leisure, social interactions, fine arts, home arts, and vocational training. These classes are designed to meet the needs of the student population it serves.
    My Schedule:
    A Day
    B Day
    1st     Sensory
    5th   Health
    2nd    Home Arts
    6th   Home Arts
    3rd    Geography
    7th   Fine Arts
    4th    Plan
    8th   Plan
    In this class,we will work on activities which highten the students understanding of the world around them. We will also work on the students artistic skills.
    Fine Arts:

    This is a class where the students will work on their artistic skills. We will discuss many art terms, listen to different genres of music, and view many famous pieces of art. Students will also create their own master pieces.


    Home Arts:

    Bring your appetite to this class. Here we will improve our cooking skills and learn how to prepare simple healthy meals using the stove, microwave, and oven. Enjoy!




    In this class, we will study how to care for ourselves and prevent illnesses. We will also be working on goal setting skills and learning why it is important to every aspect of our lives.




    In this course, we will complete an overview study of the United States and indepth studies of the state of Illinois, Decatur, and surrounding area. We will work on locating cities, town government, getting around Decatur, and getting assistance. We will also plan a vacation toward the end of the school year.
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    Chris Lipe
    MacArthur Special Education Teacher

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    Chris Lipe