• Hello, My name is Nathan Schorfheide.  This is my second year teaching music at  South Shores Elementary School for grades K-6.  This is my 28th year in Music Education and I absolutely love what I do.  Music is a huge passion for me and all I want is to convey that idea and the appreciation of music to my students.  It is an honor to work with these students and we have many great times in class while learning about the love of music.

    I am married to my beautiful wife, Sheri.  We are both teachers, so that makes for great breaks in the year for us.  We live in Chatham, Illinois and have six children between the two of us.  We have been married for six years and have a wonderful marriage.  

    My other passions in life are cooking, Steelers football and biking.  I own my own catering business on the side, as we do weddings and any other type of gatherings.  We are also both huge Steelers fans as we go to 1-2 games a year.  On the biking side, I bicycle about 8,000 miles a year.  Yes I said 8,000.  I bike almost everyday from March to December and as much as the weather allows me to in the winter.

    Once again, it is a pleasure to be at South Shores teaching these wonderful students my love of music.  


  • Without music, life would B flat

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