• Problem Solving Team
    Through the Professional Learning Community Process (PLC)


    What Is It?

    The Stevenson Elementary Problem Solving Team is a team that will suggest effective curriculum for all students.  Our goal is to ensure all students are performing at grade level or above.


    Who Is On the Team?

    The team is made up of the school's Principal, Social Worker, Teachers, Special Education Administrator, Nurse, Special Education Teacher, Psychologist, School Improvement and Resource Specialists.  The parents and students are updated on the interventions put in place.


    Who Will We Target?

    All students below 60% accuracy (grade D) or below the current grade level benchmark will be targeted.


    How Will We Address Our Students Strengths and Weaknesses?

    Student’s strengths or weakness will be addressed by:

    • Providing 315 weekly minutes of instruction
    • Providing 90 minutes or more of reading instruction daily
    • Grouping students based on skills
    • Providing small group instruction
    • Aligning curriculum with Illinois State Standards
    • Using Illinois State Standard Frameworks to guide their instruction.
    • Semester Essential Learning Outcomes (ELO) at grade level per semester
    • Using scientifically research-based curriculum
    • Using differentiated instruction.


    What Documentation of Data Will Be Used?

    Peabody                                             MMH Weekly/Unit Tests

    OWLS                                                 DRA/QRI                   Common Assessments           District Tests

    Diagnostic Reading Tests                  Time on Task             Classroom observations
    Attendance                                         Early Skills Assessment (Grades K-2)


    How Often Will We Monitor Students Progress?

    Student progress will be monitored weekly, monthly and quarterly:

    • Quarterly Student Progress Meetings  4 times a year
    • Monthly PLC meetings at grade level
    • Monthly Problem Solving Team Meetings

    How are the Interventions/Strategies Evaluated?

    The interventions/strategies will be evaluated by students’ performance based on the data mentioned above.