• Welcome to Stevenson Elementary School

        Principal's Message

    Your principal and all staff would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Stevenson School.  We trust you will enjoy the year we have planned for your children and that you will help make it an exciting, rewarding, and profitable year.

    This is your school - these are your children – and we look upon them as a trust you've given us, a responsibility we readily accept.  Education must be a cooperative enterprise - home and school working together.  We need and request your help and support.  We will have many activities for you to take part in including parent-teacher conferences, Booster Club, volunteering, student performances and exciting incentive field trips that we have planned for the students.

    We encourage you to visit us or call when you have questions.  Get to know your child's teacher.  We would like to keep the line of communication open between home and school.  If you do request a conference with your child's teacher, please schedule the conference before or after instructional time.  A telephone call to set up an appointment would be most beneficial for both you and the teacher. We want you to know is that you're always welcome.

    Finally, this handbook has been compiled with you, your child, and our school programs in mind. Please take the time to read it carefullyIt can be of value to you in many ways, whether you've had children here before or not. We have tried to keep policies and regulations to a minimum, but we know you'll understand that there are certain policies and procedures that are necessary in the operations of a school.  You may also refer to the Decatur Public School 61 Student Code of Conduct and Parent Handbook for district-wide policies.  Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

    Stevenson Elementary School

    Please read our Parent Handbook: