•                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Pyramid of Academic Interventions
    Tier 4
    Special Ed.
    504 Plan
    Tier 3
    Social Worker
    Parent Conferences
    Intervention Team Meeting
    Supplemental Materials Required
    MMH Approaching/Triumphs
    Small Group Instruction with 1-3 instructional ratio (math/reading)
    Increase Time and Intensity of Instructions and Assessment
    Progress Monitoring 4-8 week follow up
    Tier 2  
    Small Group instruction with 3-5 instructional ratio (Math/Reading)
    Group Tutoring
    Teacher/Parent Contact
    Teaching Assistants
    Project Success Tutoring
    Increase Time & Intensity of Instruction & Assessments
    Supplemental or alternate materials available
    One Church One School Tutoring
    Common Assessments/Probes, Progress Monitoring, Running Records,
    MMH Weekly/Unit Test DEA, ESA, Math Topic Assessments, DRA, OWLS,
     Intervention Team Meeting
    Tier 1
    Reading:  MMH Reading Series, Flexible Grouping, Differentiated Instruction,
    Phonemic Awareness (Heggerty K-1), Guided Level Reading, Self Selected Reading
    Math:  Envisions (K-5), Connected Math (6th), Differentiated Instruction
    Technology:  Envision online, Accelerated Reader, Study Island, Book Flix (K-3)
    Daily Planners, Parent Communication, Teaching Assistants, Volunteers,
    Illinois Learning Standards, Whole and Small Group Instruction (6-8 students), Co-Teaching
    Universal Screening
    Discovery Education Assessment (DEA)  (3-6)
    MMH Unit/Weekly/Placement Test (K-6)
    Math Topic Assessment
    Early Skills Assessment (ESA) (K-2)
    Identify Students at Risk
    Peabody (K)
    Student Progress Monitoring