• Pyramid of Behavioral Interventions
    Tier 4
    Formal behavioral plan
    District behavior
    Police involvement
    Referral to outside agency
    Tier 3
    Principal applies consequences from Formal Referral (based on range list in Code of Conduct)
    Formal counseling/small group
    Work wtih social worker/parent liaison
    Behavior Contracts
    Referral to Stevenson Intervention Team
    Agency Contact
    School Police Liaison Contact
    Tier 2
    Implementation of classroom discipline consequences (warning, time-outs, loss of privileges, parent contact, office referral written)
    Buddy time-outs
    Paws(ing) Program (APR short term)
    Creative short-term solutions to help students avoid trouble areas
    Tier 1
    District Code of Conduct Shared with all Parents/Guardians
    School-wide Rules
    Annual Code of Conduct Review Assemblies
    Character Education Monthly Lessons and Themes
    Responsible Student Porgram and Quarterly Rewards
    Attendance Program
    Classroom Discipline Plans Published and Shared with parents/Student/Teacher/Principal
    Classroom Incentives