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    H. Lybarger - click to email
    12 years of Experience (Dept. Chair)
    Current Courses Taught: Algebra 1, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus
    C. Haley - click to email 
    8 years of Experience 
    Current Courses Taught: Geometry, Honors Geometry, Math 098
    A. Jones - click to email
    7 years of Experience
    Current Courses Taught: Algebra 2, Statistics, AP Statistics, Coding and App Development
    J. Vicich - click to email
    16 years of Experience
    Current Courses Taught: Algebra X, Honors Algebra 1
    K. Reyes - click to email
    2 years of Experience
    Current Courses Taught: Geometry, Algebra 2
    M. Bone - click to email
    Current Courses Taught: Honors Algebra 2, Geometry, Algebra 1
    C. Hannah - click to email
     11 years of experience
    Current Courses Taught: Algebra Y, Algebra 2
    B. Palmer - click to email
    2 Years of Experience
    Currnent Courses Taught: Algebra X, Algebra 2, Honors Geometry