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    Johns Hill was recognized for our school-wide PBIS implementation during the 2011-12 school year.  We are hopeful that we will be recognized for our efforts this year as well.

    As in recent years past, the school year started with a PBIS Booster Week also known as our Flight Plan.  The students were taken to various areas around the school and taught the proper behavior that should be seen in the different areas.  All of the areas that we reviewed can be found on our school Matrix (which you should have received the first week of school). 

    We will revisit these lessons for another Booster Week when we return from Winter Break and Spring Break. 

    Here, we are providing links to the EAGLE Etiquette Matrix and to the PBIS Home Matrix if you would like to use with your student(s) at home. 

    Lastly, your student(s) are continually trying to earn Eagle Excellent Tickets for good behavior in the school setting.  Students can save up their Eagle Tickets  to purchase various items from the School Store.  We have three different stores at Johns Hill one for primary students, one for intermediate students and one for the middle school students.  As students earn the Eagle Excellent Tickets, they can also earn the opportunity to go to the reward parties that are held every four weeks. You can follow our monthly PBIS lessons by refering to the PBIS Monthly Calendar. 

    We welcome parent and communty thoughts and ideas about PBIS here at Johns Hill.  To reach us please contact us by phone at 217.362.3350 or email Deb Kwasny at dkwasny@dps61.org.


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