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    Name: Hannah Jamruk
    Email Address: hrjamruk@dps61.org
    Phone number: (217) 362-3100

    Chemistry Course Description:

    Topics covered include atomic structure, nomenclature, reactions, stoichiometry, prediction of products, solutions, acids and bases. While the scope of Chemistry I is similar to Honors Chemistry, more emphasis is placed on the broad themes than on detailed mathematical analysis. Chemistry I is not a prerequisite for Chemistry II and is not a college preparatory course. It is intended for students needing more time to build their mathematical skills.

    Honors Physics First Course Description:

    This laboratory science course is designed to teach experimental methods by using the scientific method and measurements to be logged into a Physics notebook and computer based devices.  Honors Physics First is lab-based and will help students implement mathematical applications as well as develop the skills needed to write quality lab reports.  Then, students will use this introduction to discover concepts in the themes of motion, forces, mechanical energy, thermal energy, wave energy and electromagnetic energy.  Skills learned in this course would benefit the student as they continue into other high school science courses.  Algebra will be used frequently throughout this course.

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