Mr. Phil Dreste



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Phil Dreste

Phil Dreste is a 5th grade teacher at Dennis Lab School. He graduated from University of Illinois with his Bachelor’s in Crop Sciences in 2014, originally planning to work in plant genetics. After many hours volunteering in diverse schools, he decided that his calling was to be a teacher, so he went back to U of I get his Master’s in Education. Long before graduation in 2016, Mr. Dreste dreamed of teaching at a school like Dennis, where projects bring learning into real life, the community is eager to join in the learning process, and new ideas are welcomed with excitement.  Mr. Dreste loves being a part of the powerful work that goes on at DLS each day.

Mr. Dreste is married to Leah, a teacher herself and a wonderful cook. He enjoys reading, growing carnivorous plants, and watching his pet rats Marshmallow and Oreo solve challenging problems. Mr. Dreste loves spending time with students, both in his classroom and in the 4-H club, where he serves as co-leader. He believes strongly in modeling empathy and doing everything he can to get to know all students individually. This allows him to better meet their needs and show them how much they matter. Few things make him happier than seeing his students act with wisdom, choosing to work hard and work together to bring joy to their world.