• Alternative Options
    Decatur School District has a variety of alternative options available for students who are not succeeding in the traditional school setting. Student support and interventions are necessary before being transferred to any alternative setting. Administrators and counselors can provide additional information on the options available and make recommendations regarding specific students.
    Alternative Education Program As a means of progressive intervention and assisting students who may require a more structured environment, the Decatur Public School District provides a voluntary Alternative Instruction and Social Intervention Services which is housed at the Harris Alternative School for grades K-12 and the Tech Academy with Milligan Academy for grades 6-12, and Futures for high school. Students will be eligible for recommendation after the schools have exhausted available and appropriate interventions at the building level. The mission of these services is to implement quality instructional practices in a small class environment. Interventions are geared towards social development so students may achieve academic and behavioral success. Students in this program will have the opportunity to return to their respective learning environment upon completion of their Plan of Success.
    Futures is for students who are academically behind.

    Admission is open to any student in high school who meets the minimum age requirement of sixteen. All students must be referred to Futures Unlimited by their home school district. The home district will provide a copy of the school transcript and letter of referral.

    Each student being considered for enrollment at Futures Unlimited must undergo an assessment. The purpose is to determine a student's goals, abilities and vocational interests. During this assessment, background information is gathered and reading and math abilities are determined. With the results of these assessments, an appropriate individual program is planned.





    GED is for students who are severely academically behind and who will not be able to graduate before they are 21 and/or are not able to attend and perform at the abilities to earn a high school diploma in the traditional setting.

    Home School

    Families who choose to educate their children at home are advised to contact the Macon-Piatt ROE for a list of accredited home schooling options. Students entering DPS61 after being homeschooled will be screened or tested to determine an appropriate grade level. High school age students entering from home school will have their transcript of course work evaluated by a counselor to determine credits needed for graduation. The financial responsibility of home schooling lies with the family.