• Home Access Center



    In our efforts to maximize parent involvement, we are pleased to provide a new service called Home Access Center. This new website provides parents and guardians with access to their student's assignments, grades, and attendance



    Frequently Asked Questions


    I can’t find the link.

    Go to www.dps61.org and click the Icon (house) Home Access

    • Click OK if you see a Security Alert box & click Yes to the Security Information message
    • Click HERE (or read the guidelines first)
    • Login

    It won’t take my username and password.

    • Make sure you are in Home Access Center. Our website also has a signin screen that is different from Home Access Center. See specific directions above.
    • Make sure username has a period ( . ) between the last name and first name
    • There are no spaces in the Username
    • Username IS NOT case sensitive
    • Password IS case sensitive
    • Click Log In

    I clicked on “Forgot Password” and nothing happened.

    • This function is not available at this time. We are working on enabling this. In the meantime, please call your student’s school.

    An “AutoComplete” message comes up.

    • Click on Don’t offer to remember any more passwords
    • Click No

    A Security Information message comes up.

    • Click the Yes button