• Web Resources


    Your first stop for support to help your child with their homework should be
    the Web site provided by their textbook publisher.


    Elementary Reading/Spelling Textbook

    Chose your student’s book. Click on story. Each story will have slideshow activities related to theme of story, Spelling & Vocabulary Activities. Intermediate grades will also have a research and technology activity to complete.


    Elementary Social Studies Book

    Chose your students book and unit. Each unit will have a game. Each lesson will have a summary and review.


    Elementary Math Book

    Our current Math publisher is Pearson. They have a copy of the Math book on the web site. Students use their school id as their username and password (which is their computer login) to access this site. (Ask your teacher or Computer Assistant to set you up if you can not get in.)


    Middle School Math – Connected Math

    This website that correlates with our middle school math curriculum. Click on the grade (book) desired, and then click on activity. This offers homework help, vocabulary quiz, and online math activities.


    Middle School & High School Science

    In the drop down box on the left click on Illinois, On the right click on your book name or name of class (ie Chemistry). Click on your chapter, and then on the lesson within the chapter. This will refer to a website or page that will talk about this concept. Even if your class does not use the book in the picture – look for the concept that you are learning about and you can receive homework help.


    Middle School & High School Social Studies

    In the drop down box on the left click on Illinois, On the right click on your book name or name of class (ie Civics). Click on the book. Click on your chapter. This will give a brief synopsis of what the chapter is about and also refer to online websites that discuss this concept.


    High School Math

    Click on the book (class). Click on the chapter. You will find additional activities, extra help and self tests that go along with each activity.


    Pre-K - 2nd Grade:

    PreK – 2nd grade – phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension


    Grades 2 - 8:

    Grades 2- 8 ISAT Tests Preparation Program. Students have unique username and password assigned by the school. Review lessons and videos also available by skill.



    Resources for all Subjects:



    This is a great website that addresses all subjects for middle school and high school students. Popular textbooks are listed and each book has videos that explain the contents of every chapter.



    This website has hundreds of books that have been summarized. It offers plot/character analysis. No Fear Shakespeare transfers Old English into modern equivalent. This should not replace reading the book. It also has study guides for the Sciences, History, Math, Philosophy and Economics.


    Classic Reader

    Online version of hundreds of books broken down into chapters (not MP3 version)


    The Gutenberg Project

    Thousands of online books available some are also available as audio files (MP3 and ITunes). Great site to download classic book and put on your child’s MP3 player. Especially great for students who struggle or do not like to read.