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     NHS   National Honor Society    

    Scholarship -- Leadership -- Service -- Character                 


    Due to COVID-19 and the closure of programs, we did not select new members for 2020-2021until June.  Details on public recognition / an induction ceremony will be worked out over the summer once we know more about how school will begin in the fall.

    NHS members pay $10 during the senior year so that our group is self-funded.  NHS leaders are elected by the members, and the actions of the group are devised through that leadership.  In the past we have provided tutoring options, community service options, and started the Panther Pals program working with Life Skills students.  Emphasis since 2017 has been placed on supporting programs within EHS to foster a stronger school climate.



    NHS Members for 2020-2021

    Congratulations, NHS members of Eisenhower High School, 2020-2021!


    Torrica Baltimore

    Ariyonn Banner

    Owen Binkley

    Kerrigan Bovyn

    April Brown

    Matthew Clayton, vice-president

    Hayleigh Cogan

    Natalie Cool

    Tashauri Fuller

    Devan Jones, president

    Reuben Kohn

    Cristian Leon-Vallejo

    Caleb McKinley

    Dayevion Meek

    Hope Moore, parliamentarian

    Scott Mullinix

    Brianna Murray

    Jalyn Pearce

    Odell Peoples

    Michael Pundt

    Essence Richardson

    Gabriella Smith

    Jaya Softley. secretary/treasurer

    Terrence Tally

    Abigail Tate

    Madison Tenn

    Fanny Toledo

    RJ Walker




    NHS Graduates for 2019-2020 who are now life-long NHS members of the world

    Linoshka Correa

    Kyaria Cotton

    Shartayrrhia Dandridge

    Aniyah Davis

    Angela Deleon, secretary/treasurer

    Jayden Flesch

    Londarius Hayes, president

    Mahoganie Johnson-Cook

    Kyla Jones

    Leevesh Krishnani

    Damariye Lewis-Tiner

    Ashanti Mann, parliamentarian

    Samantha McVey

    Aidan Mellon

    Damareun Palmer

    Gariaunna Parker

    Jersei Ricks

    Aiden Seider

    Aniyah Smith

    Kenya Sorrell

    Kayla Stukins

    Aislynn Taylor

    Madyson Thevenot

    Khaya Thomas

    Naudia-Nicole White, vice-president

    Raegan White





    The role of the President is to lead all meetings, to organize special projects and committees, to get people motivated about active NHS participation, and to organize the Induction Ceremony.
    The role of the Vice-President is to assist in leading all meetings, to act as the mediator between members, to take the role of President in the absence of the President, and to organize the Induction Ceremony.
    The role of the Secretary - Treasurer is to take attendance / tardies at all meetings, to record minutes of all meetings, to submit these minutes to the Advisor, and to collect funds for the annual Teacher of the Year meal.  As of 2013-2014, NHS will collect dues of $10 instead of fund-raising to support the continuation of the group and its expenses for induction.
    The role of the Parliamentarian is to know proper parliamentary procedures for meetings and to make sure that all meetings are run according to these rules:
    1. Call to order by the President while Secretary takes attendance
    2. Reading and approval/correction of previous minutes; agenda for the current meeting
    3. Reports as recognized by the President
    4. Discussion as recognized by the President
    5. New business for discussion
    6. Ideas for approval will follow the format of: motion, second, any further discussion, motion restated, call for a vote, motion failed or carried
    7. Next meeting scheduled for ... and adjournment