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    Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, Decatur Public Schools engaged in the process of creating a new strategic plan.

    Our philosophy is that the plan should reflect the partnership between the community and the school district so school district staff along with the Board of Education members, students, parents, local business leaders, elected officials and other community members come together to develop the plan.

    The goal of the strategic plan is to provide focus and a driving force of the District as we continue to support, revise and develop new programs, resources and initiatives over the next five years. Part of our plan includes annual progress reviews.

    Our intent is that everyone in the District understands the strategic plan and how it affects the work they do to help accomplish the established goals. We all play an integral role in the plan’s success.

    We are especially appreciative of the students, staff and community members who took advantage of the opportunities for community input in creating the plan.

    2020-21 Annual Priorities Updated Oct. 21