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  • Meet Mr. Palmer!

    Meet Mr. Palmer!

    Mr. Palmer grew up not too far from Decatur, on the North Side of Springfield. He graduated from Lanphier High School. Then, he went to Illinois College in Jacksonville. Now, he is in his fourth year teaching math here at Eisenhower High School. GO PANTHERS!!!

    Throughout his childhood, Mr. Palmer played baseball and has always been a big fan of the Chicago Cubs. He also started playing the drums in 5th grade and has continued to this day!

    Believe it or not, Mr. Palmer did not like math growing up. However, once he got to high school, he learned that it is okay to make mistakes and be frustrated, as long as you keep going! He started doing better in math when he began persisting and viewing his mistakes as opportunities to learn!!!

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  • Contact Information                                                                                 Daily Schedule (Room A206)

    Phone:  217-362-3100 (ask to speak with me)                                    1st hour - Algebra 2

    Email:  bwpalmer@dps61.org                                                                   2nd hour - Algebra Y

                                                                                                                            3rd hour - Algebra X

    After-School Tutoring                                                                               4th hour - Homeroom/Focus Period

    If you would like to get math help from                                                5th hour - PREP

    Mr. Palmer after school, be sure to check                                              LUNCH

    his after-school schedule on the back                                                    6th hour - Algebra Y

    whiteboard in Room A206. If he is available,                                       7th hour - Algebra 2

    you are more than welcome to stop by!                                               8th hour - Honors Geometry

    ***Mr. Hampton also offers math tutoring after

    school. Be sure to check with him about his schedule.


    ***Before-School Tutoring with Mr. Palmer is by                                         MR. PALMER IS HERE TO HELP YOU!!!

          appointment only. If you would like to meet                                  PLEASE REACH OUT IF YOU NEED ANYTHING!

          before school for math help, make sure you plan                         LET'S HAVE AN OUTSTANDING SCHOOL YEAR!!!

          a session with him ahead of time. Just discuss                                                           GO PANTHERS!!!!!

          this with him or send him an email at