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    Throughout 2019, District #61 leaders have worked with parents, school principals, tetachers, staff and community members to review existing elementary school boundaries. DPS school boundaries haven't gone through a thorough evaluation in nearly 25 years, so it was time for a review to make sure we're best meeting the needs of all our DPS families. The Boundary Committee made its change recommendation to the Board of Education on December 10, 2019. The Board is currently considering those changes and will vote on the recommendation at the Janurary 14, 2020 meeting.

    We know that several of our schools are either well over or well under capacity, which is one reason we're consolidating schools. We also know that change can be difficult and frustrating, and we certainly would not be making these changes if there was not a need for them. However, we're working to address long-standing issues within our buildings to create the best possible environment for our students to learn. Now is the time to make boundary changes. We're making BOLD changes in DPS facilities through 2023, allowing us to provide all students with an equitable learning experience, no matter where they live in the District, and to create a more sustainable future for District #61.


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    If your student(s) currently attends a school OUTSIDE of District #61, you are NOT impacted by these inside district boundary changes being recommended.

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    August 2020 Boundary Lookup Graphic

    August 2021 Boundary Lookup Graphic


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