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World History

  • Hello! Welcome to world history. In this class you will learn about events that have happened in the past through various primary and secondary sources and learn how to construct arguments based on those various sources. We will learn how to think, write, and learn like a historian. The skills that you learn in this class will be applicable and invaluable in the real world as you become historically informed citizens.

    In this first semester we’ll explore the development and impact of civilization on our world using case studies from past civilizations. We begin with the development of civilization and its characteristics. Explore the connection between civilization and culture. Investigate the impact of cultural diffusion on civilizations and the possibility of regression instead of advancement. Lastly, we turn our attention to trends that challenged the traditional status quo of civilization due to intellectual, social, and economic progress and their effects.

AP Human Geography

  • Hello! Welcome to Advanced Placement Human Geography. (AP HUG) APHUG is an introductory college level course focusing on the study of human geography. This course will have content that is typical to a semester-length undergraduate college level course, but have that content spread out over the full high school year. Passing the final AP exam at the end of the year with a “3” or higher awards you a semester’s worth of college credit in geography at many colleges and universities.

    AP Human Geography’s purpose is to introduce students to a systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped mankind’s understanding, use, and alteration of Earth’s surface. Students will learn to use spatial concepts when analyzing human’s organization of space, landscapes, and the environmental consequences of their decisions from the local to global level. Students will also be looking for patterns across the cultural landscape, trying to identify trends, and anticipate future phenomena using the scientific methods, research, and tools of geographers.

    At its core, Human Geography teaches students how to interpret maps, select the correct maps to obtain information, interpret sets of data, and analyze geographic models to effectively evaluate the world we live in.

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