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     Directions: For 4th-6th grade students: read 5 or more books off of this list. Then, pick up a form from your librarian, fill it out, and return it to him or her by May 15th to receive a free personal pizza certificate from Papa Murphy’s! We will vote at the end of the school year to pick our favorite book. Click on the red link to see a picture of the book.




    I Survived

    *Any book from the series

    Trae Ridley (Enterprise)

    Black Panther: The Young Prince or

    Black Panther: The Junior Novel

    Carlos Johnson (French)

    Passion Anderson (Stevenson)

    Misty Copeland Biography

    *There are a lot of biographies about Misty Copeland. Pick one that works for you!

    Jaleiyah Flowers (French)

    The Jacket

    Elijah Curry (French)

    The One and Only Ivan

    Caleb Reed (French)

    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    *Any book from the series

    Stasia Allen (Muffley)

    Alana Fritzal-Scharf (Muffley)

    Andria Daws (Muffley)

    LeBron James Biography

    *There are a lot of biographies about LeBron James. Pick one that works for you!

    Quinerion Meyers (French)

    Space Case

    Kiajah Matthews (French)


    Eden Wilkinson (Johns Hill)


    Zoe Russell (Franklin)

    Jaamir Henry (Franklin)

    Adriana Miller (Franklin)

    Aryonna Moore (Enterprise)

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    *Any book from the series

    Elijae Rice (Muffley)

    Braylon Helton (Stevenson)

    Graphic Novels by Raina Telgemeier

    *You can read any of her graphic novels.

    Kylie Lane (Stevenson)

    Jamiya Comage (French)

    Harlei Coleman-Tate (French)


    Mrs. Fatthauer (Stevenson)

    Isaac Phillips (Stevenson)

    Aaron Qualls (Stevenson)

    Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Keylan Carson (French)

    Guys Read

    *Any book from the series

    Braelyn Taylor (French)


    *Any book from the series

    Jadon Jones (French)

    Khalil-Campbell Coleman (French)

    Logan Miller (French)

    Asjah Gaddy (Stevenson)

    The Imaginary

    Amea Ganley (Enterprise)

    Flat Stanley

    *Any book from the series

    Tarvez Smith (Franklin)

    Junie B. Jones

    *Any book from the series



    Penelope Chandler (Johns Hill)

    Ja’Kyiah Eubanks (French)

    Kynasia Hyder (French)

    Laiyonna Easley (French)

    Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen

    DPS Library Staff

    Beauty and the Beak

    DPS Library Staff

    Real Friends

    DPS Library Staff

    Last Kids on Earth

    *Any book from the series

    DPS Library Staff

    A Boy Called Bat

    DPS Library Staff


    Papa Murphy's  

    Thank you to Papa Murphy’s for their generous donation to our reading program!