• Welcome to Hope Academy and our Virtual School. We are doing our best in becoming creative in finding engaging activites for our families to use during this challenging time. 

    You are personally invited to take a closer look into our Hope Academy Virtual School. By selecting and clicking on a Bitmoji virtual teacher and choosing their door, you will begin an adventure by entering into our virtual classrooms. Will you be able to find our hidden links?

    Enjoy entering our classrooms and spend some time clicking on items found in the virtual classrooms.

    You will explore and discover short movies made by our staff, lessons and activities hidden in the classrooms, and links to stories to enjoy with your family. 

    You may want to check out our very own Hope Academy Care Room. Click on one of the pictures hanging on the wall and see if you can find the pufferfish activity to help you slowdown and relax for a minute. 

    Check back often! We will be updating our Hope Academy Virtual School and adding more hidden lessons, links, and activities to search and find weekly.

    Have fun and enjoy our virtual school!