• Important Transportation Update — December 3, 2021

    Throughout the first semester of the 2021 school year, DPS has dealt with an ongoing critical shortage of bus drivers, which has left many students without consistent bus transportation to and from school. In an effort to address these continuing issues, the DPS transportation department has reworked the entire bus routing system, combining routes and stops to make bussing more efficient. This means, starting after winter break on Wednesday, January 5, bus stops and routes will change for the majority of PreK-8 DPS students.

    These changes will mean some students may have to walk further to reach their bus stop and some may spend more time in transit. In some cases, students who have been transported and should not have been will no longer receive bussing services. Students only qualify for bussing services if they live more than 1.5 miles from their school of attendance and do not have to cross a state-identified hazardous roadway to get there. We know this is not ideal, but these changes are essential to ensure every student who qualifies for transportation has a bus to take them to and from school.

    DPS families will receive letters with their new bus stop and route information on or before Friday, December 17. Please make sure your home address is up to date with your student's school so that you receive this letter. New stop and route information will also be available in the Edulog Parent Portal app – read more info below on how to download the app.


    Transportation FAQs

    What does DPS provide for transportation?

    Under Illinois state law, any student who lives more than 1.5 miles from their school of attendance qualifies for free bus transportation. Students who live closer than 1.5 miles from their school of attendance do not qualify for bus transporation, unless they must cross a state-identified hazardous roadway to get there. DPS has contracted bussing services with transportation provider Alltown. Bus drivers are Alltown employees, they are not employed by Decatur Public Schools.

    How many students were receiving transportation that should not have?

    Approximately 700 students were included in the bus routing system when they should have been considered "walkers" to school.

    How many students are currently not provided transportation services that should be?

    Approximately 1,500 qualifying students were not receiving transportation services for the first semester of the 2021-22 school year, due to the continuing bus driver shortage.

    Why does my student ride one bus in the morning and a different bus in the afternoon?

    In some cases, the same bus number may not be available from morning to afternoon or your student may be assigned to a different route from morning to afternoon.

    Who creates the bus stops and routes for students?

    The DPS Transporation Department creates the stops and routes for regular education students, Alltown creates stops and routes for special education students.

    Have additional questions about these transportation changes or want to provide your ideas and feedback? Go to engage.dps61.org now!

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