• Vision Statement

    Every student in the Decatur Public School District will have access to a high quality, 21st century sequential arts education.


    The arts are essential in providing an excellent education while educating the whole student.

    The mission of Decatur Public School District Art Education is to:

    • Enrich the lives of Decatur Public School students, families, and community through the Arts.

    • Empower students to develop and achieve their creative and expressive potential through aligned, articulate, and assessed experiences in the arts.

    • Sustain an arts enriched culture through high quality student experiences and robust support for faculty, funding and facilities. 

  •      The arts have always served as the distinctive vehicle for discovering who we are. Providing ways of thinking as disciplined as science or math and as disparate as philosophy or literature, the arts are used by and have shaped every culture and individual on earth. They continue to infuse our lives on nearly all levels—generating a significant part of the creative and intellectual capital that drives our economy. The arts inform our lives with meaning every time we experience the joy of a well-remembered song, experience the flash of inspiration that comes with immersing ourselves in an artist’s sculpture, enjoying a sublime dance, learning from an exciting animation, or being moved by a captivating play.