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    Vegetable Venison Chili Recipe

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    Why is Physical Activity proven to increase achievement? View and click on the graphs and pictures to view the source research. Power Point
    The goal of the athletic department is to give our children at Garfield the opportunity to compete in a variety of team and individual sports of their interest. We believe it is important for our children to be given the educational opportunity to use their athletic abilities to learn about character, sportsmanship and teamwork. In what seems like a world full of violence sports has always been an ambassador of peace. We in the athletic department want our children to learn at a young age how to become the next peaceful leaders of the world through teamwork using sports and activity.  


    Our sensorial garden was founded by Mrs. White who has since moved away. We are in the process of reworking our current five gardens. We have been awarded a grant to create an orchard build four raised vegetable gardens near our current sensorial garden. Our hope is that our children will learn the life cycles of plants from seed to seeds from plant to plates. Garfield will soon be growing their own healthy snacks from dirt.
    Physical Education
    We are Garfield Montessori belive that physical activity is essential to learning. Look at our districts physical education curriculm (link).

    One in three children are projected to have some significant form of diseases that can be prevented from proper nutrition, physical activity and regular medical checkups. We at Garfield refuse to let our children leave our building without gaining the knowledge and the opportunity to use those skills to live a healthy productive life.

    Last year Garfield was awarded a grant to increase physical activity in our school. We chose to use the money to modify our foyer area to incorporate activity during bad weather.

    We also, developed a wellness committee to create a coordinated approach to child wellness within our building. The committee is comprised of member from Garfield, PTA, YMCA, Park district, Millikin, a doctor, school nurse, food service and more. We are off the ground and have already made some significant improvements with many more to come (read more about the changes on the healthy kids link). 424-3244 
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