• A Hippo for a Pet!

    Hippo for a Pet


    What would you do if you received a hippopotamus (hippo) for a pet? You would need to learn what country hippopotamuses come from, what they eat, and whether or not they prefer to sleep in bed with you or some where else. You will also have to name your pet and tell us what would be good about having this sort of pet, and what would be bad..


    We are going to find out what country hippos come from, what they like to eat, where they like to sleep, what kind of feet they have, what the long word hippopotamus really means, what the 8 characteristics of a hippo are and whether or not a hippo would really make a great pet.

    (Click here to get a worksheet if you need it)

    globeWhere in the world do hippos comes from? After you find the name of the continent, locate it on a map, then draw an X on the worksheet to show where your hippo used to live.

    Image of: Hippopotamus amphibius (hippopotamus)

    On which continent do you live? What ocean did your hippo have to cross to get here?

    What does your hippo like to eat? Will he eat hotdogs and pizza and still remain alive?
    Where does your hippo like to sleep? Maybe in a barn, your bed, in water or in a car? When will he be most active? During the day or at night?
    Does your hippo have feet just like you or is there something special about his feet? What does the word hippopotamus mean?
    What are the 8 characteristics of a hippo? Label those characteristics on the picture of the hippopotamus on your worksheet. hippo parts
    What name will you give your new pet? Open MS Word and write a paragraph telling me what name you would choose for your new pet and why you think that would be a good name for a hippopotamus. Add a paragraph telling me what the good things about having a hippo for a pet would be. In a third paragraph tell me the drawbacks to having this kind of animal for a pet.
    You have now completed the requirements to become a hippo owner. Please click on the Hippo Owner License and print it out.
Last Modified on December 6, 2010