•    School Dude Approval Process for Administrators


    Any employee with an email address is set up as a user and may submit a work request. Once the request is submitted it forwards to the administrator of that location. Administrators’ will need to check for requests needing to be approved. When the request is approved by the administrator the request forwards to Buildings and Grounds - Joyce E Brown.


     For Administrators:
    – 1.   Log into SchoolDude and go to your Home Tab.
    – 2.   Go to the assigned section and work requests to be approved will be listed.
    – 3.   On the right hand side of each request is a figure and below the figure is a dark gray box that is marked “Assign”. Click on that box.
    – 4.   A screen will then appear filled in with information. All you will need to do is go to the bottom and click on the submit button.

     –5.   If the building secretary is going to approve requests, they will need to sign in as the administrator. This is a decision that administrator will need to make.

    SchoolDude will be monitored at Buildings and Grounds all day so once the request is submitted and approved it will be seen. Unless it is an extreme emergency you will not need to phone in the request. 

    Click Here For Maintenance Work Order Routing System Information