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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
It is our mission to:
  • Help each student master the fundamental skills.
  • Promote higher level-thinking skills.
  • Help every student feel good about their strengths and work to strengthen their weaknesses.
  • Obtain effective study habits and skills.
  • Develop critical thinkers through real-life problem-solving.
  • Build a strong sense of responsibility.
  • Establish an appreciation of individual differences.
  • Maximize each student's learning experience by utilizing appropriate activities to address the various learning styles of the student.
  • Increase family and community involvement.
Building on our strengths, while fulfilling our commitment to create a safe and nurturing environment, the Baum staff, students, family, and community will work together to provide our students with a quality education for the next millennium.
Our Vision
Baum School, through a safe and nurturing environment, is dedicated to prepare our students to become productive, caring, socially responsible individuals. These goals will be reached through the combined efforts of family, school, and community.