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Girls on the Run

girls on the run group photo

FRONT (left to right): Coach Judi Wood, Andrea Sanders (5th), Susan Rohman (running partner), Nariah Bond-Turnbo (5th), Grace Rahn (4th), Madison Larrick (4th), Kamryn Hillis (3rd), Shaniya York (3rd), Chandler Dawson (5th)

BACK (left to right): Tanya Young (principal), Coach Dawn Hawkins, Stacey Atwater (running partner), Coach Tonya Bales.

Girls on the Run Video


The Community Impact Project is a key element in the Girls on the Run curriculum. First, it provides an opportunity for the girls to learn the skills that they have developed and enhanced over the course of the program. The project also provides an opportunity for the girls to apply effort over time towards a goal. The design and implementation of the Community Impact Project gives the girls a sense of ownership and empowerment as they work together towards their goal.


This season at Baum, the Girls on the Run team decided to raise money by running a Snack Shack. The snack shack was held on the week of November 6th-10th during the lunch hour. We sold snacks and Baum Bear bracelets. Through the sales at the snack shack, our team was able to collect $350.00. As a team, we hope this money will help the community and the families in need. The Girls on the Run team presented a check for $350 to Dove Inc.