• Eisenhower High School

        12OO S. 16TH Street

      Decatur, Illinois 62521

         (217)  - 362 – 3100

        Mrs. Hannah Lybarger



    Course Description


    Honors Algebra 2 is a one-year course that includes reviewing basic algebra such as solving equations, linear functions, solving systems of equations, and delving deeper into quadratic functions and polynomials.  New topics introduced include rational functions, exponential, and logarithmic functions.

    Classroom Expectations


    In this class we will be following Panther PRIDE:


    ·         Be on time.

    ·         Bring paper, pencil, and COMPLETED assignments.

    ·         Maintain class appropriate volume, tone and language. This is vital especially during classroom activities.


    ·         Keep Hands And Feet and Other Objects To Yourself.

    ·         Keep negative thoughts to yourself.

    ·         Talk respectfully to teachers, peers, and substitutes.


    ·         Appropriate attention in class. NO HEADS DOWN!

    ·         Stay actively engaged

    ·         Use furniture correctly. 


    ·         Follow all directions the first time they are given.

    ·         Wait your turn.

    ·         Support your peers.

    ·         Put things back where they belong, i.e. your calculator back in the appropriate slot.


    ·         Show 100% effort.

    ·         Do your own work. Cheating is highly unacceptable in my classroom.

    ·         Be honest, be reliable, be credible.


    Required Materials


    Students will come to class prepared. The following materials should be brought to class daily:

    ·         Pencil(s)

    ·         Notebook (s)

    ·         Loose Paper

    ·         Folder




    Unit Timeline


    1st Semester

    Unit 1 – Review of Algebra                                           20 days

    ·         Solving Equations/Inequalities

    ·         Linear Functions

    Unit 2 – Solving Systems of Equations/Matrices            25 days

    Unit 3 – Quadratic/Polynomial Functions                      30 days

                                                                                        75 days

    2nd Semester

    Unit 4 –Rational Functions                                          20 days

    Unit 5 – Exponential and Log Functions                      20 days

    Unit 6 – Conic Sections                                              20 days

    Unit 7 –Statistics and Probability                                 20 days

                                                                                      80 days




    Report Cards are distributed two times per year. Progress reports are distributed by the school approximately every three weeks during the semester. Grades will be updated regularly and will be posted in class and can be accessed online at the Home Access Center on the www.dps61.org webpage.


    Grading Policy


    Assignments will be graded either by checking the completed assignment or by collecting and assessing the completed assignment. 


    My grades are weighted as followed:

    20%  =   Homework

    30%  =   In Class Work (i.e. Group Work, Computer Work, Activities, Bell Ringers, Exit Slips and Projects)

    50%  =   Assessments (Formative or Summative Quizzes and Tests)


    Grading Scale


    • 90 - 100%                 A

    • 80 - 89%                   B

    • 70 - 79%                   C

    • 60 - 69%                  D

    • 59% and below         F


    Attendance Policy


    My classroom follows the attendance policy in the student handbook.  If you miss school on a test/quiz day with an excused absence you must arrange to take the test/quiz before or after school.  Work may be posted on the district webpage.







    Classwork includes all activities, with the exception of assessments (tests, quizzes and major projects), that occur in class. Except for specified assignments which will be due before leaving class, unfinished classwork may be completed at home and turned in the following school day. Classwork will include the following:


    Warm-ups or Bell Ringers. These are done daily in the first 5 - 10 minutes of class. Solutions to these problems will be provided for learners to copy. Warm-up problems may be on quizzes. Daily warm ups will be placed in a separate ACT journal and will be checked for completeness from time to time and at the end of each quarter.


    Notes. Students will be expected to take notes in a notebook separate from their ACT journal.  Notes will be given when learners will be presented new material, review material, and/or techniques and solutions for solving problems.

    Notes will reinforce concepts and techniques learned in class and will serve as an invaluable tool in studying for tests, quizzes and final exams.



    As instructed by the office, passes will only be given in limited situations.  Students should make sure they bring all materials to class and should use the restroom on their lunch hour or during their 4 minute passing period. Passes, if the situation seems absolutely necessary, will only be given during non-instructional time. 



    My door will be locked when the tardy bell has sounded.  You must have a pass to re-enter the classroom after this time.


    Electronic Devices


    Electronic devices will be collected if I see/hear them put in an envelope with your name on the outside and turned in to your community.  You need to make arrangements at the end of the day to pick it up.




    Absolutely no food or drinks (besides closed water bottles) are allowed in my classroom.  This is for the safety of the iPad cart in my class.  Student will be asked to discard any food or drinks. There might be a special occasion where I will agree for students to bring in food or drinks.