• Human Resources 

    The Director of Human Resources and staff provide quality employment services, effective recruiting and hiring practices, technical human resources assistance, salary administration and employee relations for Decatur Public Schools and other designated agencies so staff can provide teaching and learning... Every Child Every Day!

    As part of our hiring process, a background screening for all new employees, including contractors, is performed using a third-party vendor. Each individual hired by the district signs a disclosure and authorization form to be fingerprinted. Public Act 93-909 amended Sections 10-21.9* and 34-18.5 of the Illinois School Code [105 ILCS5/10-21.9; 105 ILCS5/34-18.5 requiring school districts to perform a fingerprint-based criminal history records check (also referred to as a "background check") for certified and non-certified applicants for employment with a school district. All fingerprints are submitted through the following databases for the appropriate background checks:

    • Fingerprint-based Illinois State Police check
    • Fingerprint-based Federal Bureau of Investigation check
    • Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry check
    • Illinois Sex Offender Registry Check
    • *National Sex Offender Registry Check *Not required by school code but is performed at DPS#61

    Applicants are asked to contact Bushue Human Resources Services, Inc. at (217) 342-3042 or toll-free at (877)342-3042 to schedule your fingerprinting. 


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