ADSA Student Dress Code

  • ADSA Dress CodeAmerican Dreamer STEM Academy is the only school in Decatur Public Schools that still requires students to wear a uniform.

    In order to promote a clear focus on education, American Dreamer STEM Academy has established a dress code policy aligned with the Decatur Public School Board policies. Students’ dress and appearance must be clean, respectful, and promote a positive image of our school. Students’ dress and appearance must not be offensive, promote violence, or have a disruptive effect on the educational process of the school. It is the parents’ right and responsibility to send their children to school ready to learn in appearance and clothing that promotes education.

    Students in grades K-5 must adhere to the Academy standardized dress code:

    • Khaki bottoms
      • Shorts, skirts, skorts
      • Pants
      • Jumper — navy blue polo must be worn underneath
    • Navy blue polo shirts
    • Plain Navy sweater or sweatshirt - (Polo must be worn underneath)

    Students in grades 6-8 must adhere to the Academy standardized dress code:

    • Khaki Bottoms
      • Shorts, skirts, skorts
      • Pants
      • Jumper - navy blue, bright red, or white polo must be worn underneath
    • Navy, bright red or white polo shirts
    • Plain navy, bright red or white sweater or sweatshirt - (Polo must be worn underneath)


    • Shorts, skorts, jumpers, and skirts must be no shorter than middle finger with hands at side.
    • Short-sleeved polos - may wear any color long sleeve shirt underneath (must follow district dress code)
    • Clothing may not have logos.
    • Belts are required if students' pants do not fit correctly.  Pants must have a waistband and must not sag. No
      sweatpants, leggings, or wind pants may be worn in place of khaki uniform bottoms.  
    • All shirts must have short or long sleeves and a collar.
    • No ponchos or heavy coats may be worn inside the building during the school day.
    • Students may not wear hats or hoods in the building.
    • No bandannas, durags, or bonnets may be worn during the school day

    Appropriate attire is required on designated casual and House Days:

    • House shirts may be worn on Friday only with blue jeans or blue jean shorts or khaki uniform bottoms. Additional house shirts can be purchased through the school.
    • Casual days will be announced throughout the school year. On these days students may wear appropriate casual clothing following the DPS Dress Code Policy.


    • Tennis shoes, loafers, or dress shoes that enclose the foot on all sides are required. Navy, khaki or white tights are permitted. Tennis shoes are required on P.E. days. Shoes with eyelets for laces must have laces and the shoelaces must be tied. Sandals, slides, mules, flip flops, are never permitted.  Crocs may be worn but must have the back loop on the back of the foot.  
    • Boots can be worn to school; however, when they get to school the boots should be removed and replaced with enclosed shoe wear.
    • Do not wear shoes that cannot get dirty. American Dreamer is a very active school with hands-on learning, and you will get dirty from time to time.

    Staff will do a dress code check every morning. If a student is out of dress code, parent contact will be made. We will try our best to offer uniform pieces IF we have them on site. ADSA is the only school in the district that wears uniforms. Accepting and maintaining a lottery spot at our school means that you are agreeing to adhere to the uniform policy. Multiple uniform policy violations are unacceptable.