Meet the Board of Education

  • Bill Clevenger, President 217.433.2731 or
  • Jason Dion, Vice President 614.859.5318 or
  • Alana Banks 217.693.2807 or
  • Dr. Kevin Collins-Brown 217.412.7960 or
  • Mark Reynolds 217.412.0675 or
  • Al Scheider 217.413.1469 or
  • Will Wetzel 309.255.3448 or
  • Board of Education Officers
    Secretary: Melissa Bradford (ex officio)
    Treasurer: Dr. Mike Curry (ex officio)

    Information regarding school board activities, FOIA requests, and other board information may be requested by contacting:
    Melissa Bradford, Board Secretary
    Keil Administration Building
    101 West Cerro Gordo Street
    Decatur, Illinois 62523

    Email the Board Secretary
    Board Secretary office hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Business Meetings
    Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, except in the month of November (first and third Tuesdays), as well as July and December, which have only one Board meeting on the first Tuesday of that month. All meetings, unless otherwise stated, will be held in the Board of Education Room at the Keil Administration Building, 101 West Cerro Gordo Street, Decatur, Illinois, 62523. PLEASE NOTE: Meeting dates, times, and locations are subject to change. The Open Session agenda and explanatory documents are uploaded to the District's website on Friday before the Tuesday meeting. Copies of the agenda are also available at the meeting.
    Committee Meetings
    Some matters require long deliberation — these items may be considered during a committee meeting, when agendas are shorter and more discussion time is available. These items may then be placed on the agenda of a regular business meeting when action can be taken. The Board of Education welcomes community members to join the District by serving on committees. If you are interested in doing so, please contact your local school or the Superintendent's Office at 217.362.3010.
    Closed Executive Sessions
    The Board’s business and committee meetings are open to the public. Law allows the Board to go into Closed Executive Sessions for such reasons as legal action, collective bargaining, real estate transactions, and personnel matters. 
    Public Participation at Board Meetings
    The Board encourages and appreciates citizen interest in meetings of the Board of Education. There is a place at the beginning of the agenda especially set aside to hear comments from visitors. Anyone wishing to sign up in advance for public participation may do so by calling Board Secretary Melissa Bradford at 217-362-3011; otherwise, individuals may sign up upon arrival. The speaker should give his/her name, address, and limit his/her comments to three (3) minutes. The Board asks that courtesy and respect to others be shown. The use of specific individuals’ names and/or slanderous or derogatory comments about anyone will be permitted. The Board President has the right and may declare a speaker out of order and terminate any remarks which are not relevant or which have been previously addressed on the same subject.

    Comments may also be submitted in writing to be included in the Board meeting minutes. Public comments to be added to the record should be emailed to Board Secretary Melissa Bradford at or dropped off at the Keil Administration building, no later than 5:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled Board meeting.
    Specific Issues Raised at Board Meetings
    If issues raised during Public Participation require answers to questions, gathering information, or further discussion, the Board of Education may refer the matter to the Superintendent. They may also set a later time to meet with constituents. Whenever possible, you are encouraged to seek information or action first from the teacher or principal. Going directly to the source of the problem will, in many cases, clear up misunderstandings and bring the desired result. If the issue cannot be resolved at the school level, please contact the Superintendent's Office. 
    Board Election
    In Decatur, Board members are elected at large, rather than by sub-district, so each member represents the entire school district. They are elected at a non-partisan election held every other year. Board members are uncompensated and do not maintain offices at the Keil Administrative Building. Their major responsibility is to establish District Policies for ALL district operations such as curriculum, personnel, facilities, and finance. They delegate the execution of these Policies to the District Administration.

    If you have any questions regarding School Board Candidate Petition and Filing Information, please contact:

    Macon County Clerk
    141 South Main Street, Room 104
    Decatur, Illinois 62523
    217.424.1305 or 217.424.1307

    Board Training
    The Board of Education desires its individual members learn, understand, and practice effective governance principles. Specific Board Member Development requirements are outlined in Policy 2:120.  Click here to view the document outlining training completed by Board of Education members.

    Junior Board Members & Student Ambassadors
    In February 2018, the Board of Education established a Student Ambassador program, seeking to learn about opinions, issues, and concerns related to student experiences in DPS schools. Each year, DPS high school junior and senior students can apply to become Junior Board Members and Student Ambassadors to serve the Board and Superintendent in an advisory capacity. 

    Junior Board Members for 2023-24 School Year

      • Azahrien Perry, Senior at Eisenhower High School
      • Sydney Walker, Senior at Eisenhower High School
      • Nolan Evans, Junior at MacArthur High School
      • Lily Rinchiuso, Junior at MacArthur High School