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  • Employee Robocalls

    Posted by DPS Communications on 1/30/2023

    We’ve sent out a few all staff robocalls and text messages in the past few weeks, and each time get a few inquiries about staff who didn’t receive the call or text. Staff contact information is automatically pulled from iVisions into our robocall system, we do not manually add numbers to the system. You can also control what type of message you want to receive.
    Make sure your phone numbers are correct in iVisions so that you are receiving the phone calls. See page two of the document linked here, Employee Profile, then log into iVisions to check your contact info data is correct. This is what’s pulled and sent to our robocall system. Your phone numbers need to be labeled appropriately in iVisions as well. For example, if you want to receive SMS Text Messages in addition to a phone call, cell phone must be selected as phone type.
    If you think you have opted out of receiving robocalls but do want to receive them, email DPSCommunications@dps61.org so that we can check to make sure you are opted in.

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