Grants for DPS Staff

  • The Decatur Public Schools Foundation's donors and trustees are committed to providing funding for creative ideas in the Arts, Academic Enrichment, Literacy, School & Community Engagement, and STEM, among other target areas.

    The Foundation's priority is connecting the Decatur Public Schools to funders, like our partners at ADM, Caterpillar, Tate & Lyle, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, and each of the private family funds and individuals who support our students and teachers. Our mission is simple: offer students in District #61 educational enrichment opportunities on par with what young people enjoy in any other school district in the country – no matter the size, no matter the affluence.

    DPS staff are encouraged to call or email Foundation Director Zach Shields directly with ideas for enrichment projects — he is always pleased to talk through a concept before you begin a request. We want you to enjoy a positive grant application experience that ends in successful funding, and are happy to coach you up on specifics before you put in a great deal of work. If we are unable to fund your specific proposal, we can frequently connect you to outside funding sources who can!

    Please take a moment to look over the general guidelines for grant applications. Keep in mind that these are flexible and that the Foundation staff is always happy to talk about how to adapt to your formal proposal. But the format will give you a feel for the kind of projects the Foundation frequently underwrites. Below the guidelines, you'll find forms to download, complete, and submit your grant request to the Foundation.

    DPS Foundation Grant Guidelines

    Mini-Grant Proposal Form (for projects under $500)

    General Grant Proposal Form (for projects from $501 and up)

    Victory Fund Application Form

    Ellen Spycher Teacher’s Fund Classroom Grant Form

    First Year Teacher Grant Application Form

    Grant Report Form

    AS A REMINDER: For those who are granted project funding, each project requires a Grant Report, which is due back electronically to the Foundation Office via by June 1 following the academic year in which the grant was received.

    PLEASE REMEMBER TO SAVE your proposal, application, or report form with the name of your project so that Foundation staff can find your specific project documents.

    All our best wishes for a great year!

    Zach Shields

    Executive Director
    Decatur Public Schools Foundation

  • Central Cass
    Wish to support the mission of the Decatur Public Schools Foundation? Our Trustees connect your gift to those of other supporters to make a tremendous impact on our city's classrooms. You can check out our menu of specific options to contribute, or simply make a general gift for unrestricted use by the Foundation across a range of educational activities.
    Every contribution is 100% tax-deductible. Provide your contact information and our office will generate a Thank You letter for your records. 
  • DPS Foundation LogoThe Decatur Public Schools Foundation is a privately-funded, tax-exempt organization. Its mission is to acquire and distribute resources to Decatur Public Schools to enhance, enrich, and encourage learning opportunities for its students, staff, and community. It is directed by a volunteer Board of Trustees and operates independently to generate financial and in-kind support for District #61.