Danielson Framework

  • Decatur Public Schools uses Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching to evaluate the effectiveness of certified staff. After much discussion, the Appraisal Action Committee agreed to retain the Charlotte Danielson observation rubric without modifications. This rubric includes the four domains listed below. Also see appraisal-related documents linked below.

  • Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
  • 1a: Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy
    1b: Demonstrating Knowledge of Students
    1c: Setting Instructional Outcomes
    1d: Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources
    1e: Designing Coherent Instruction
    1f: Designing Student Assessments

  • Domain 2: Classroom Environment
  • 2a: Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport
    2b: Establishing a Culture for Learning
    2c: Managing Classroom Procedures
    2d: Managing Student Behavior
    2e: Organizing Physical Space

  • Domain 3: Instruction
  • 3a: Communicating With Students
    3b: Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques
    3c: Engaging Students in Learning
    3d: Using Assessment in Instruction
    3e: Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness

  • Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities
  • 4a: Reflecting on Teaching
    4b: Maintaining Accurate Records
    4c: Communicating with Families
    4d: Participating in a Professional Community
    4e: Growing and Developing Professionally
    4f: Showing Professionalism